The Princess and the Goblin (1991)

there’s a spark inside us that we can all ignite
all that’s dark inside us will flicker into light

"I keep seeing faces … So many faces."

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I’m going to make icons of my favorite forgotten princesses and heroines of animation. The last post was Marina, from the 1975 version of The Little Mermaid. Next will be Kayley (Quest for Camelot), Snow White (Happily Ever After), Penny (The Rescuers), Anne Marie (All Dogs Go To Heaven), Robyn (Tom and Jerry Movie), Webby (Ducktales), Irene (The Princess and the Goblin), and Tanya (An American Tail).  

And also, Minnie ‘n Me icons are coming up! ♥

Marina The Little Mermaid icons

Visual Development from Tangled by Victoria Ying

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